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About our product:


The thought behind the cutting boards was to show the clean, simple way to use acacia wood – combining function with aesthetics.


The cutting boards has a storage container to separate or just organise the ingredients – to put already chopped vegetables  – or for pieces waiting to be chopped. On the other side the edge has been made with a phase to simplify the movement of pouring the food down to the casserole – without wasting or spilling food. (without making a mess?)


The cutting board comes in 3 sizes – each fulfilling different needs and households. The cutting board can also be used as a beautiful and decorative element on the table – for bread, tapas servings, cheese and charcuterie.


The cutting board are also available in 3 different versions; one unpainted – raw and natural, and the others with either a white or black painted container – making beautiful contrasts to the dark wood and as a discreet design statement in every kitchen.


Dimensions small: 25 x 11 x 2 cm

Dimensions medium: 36 x 15,5 x 2 cm

Dimensions large: 48 x 20,5 x 2 cm


Item no.:

Excel Cutting board small wood – 16151
Excel Cutting board small white – 16150
Excel Cutting board small black – 16149
Excel Cutting board medium wood – 16154
Excel Cutting board medium white – 16153
Excel Cutting board medium black – 16152
Excel Cutting board large wood – 16157
Excel Cutting board large white – 16156
Excel Cutting board large black – 16155