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About our product:

Marble is a hard, cold and armor stone material with a cool image. It creates an interesting play for the eye, to design the hard material to something soft and organic, like flowers.


The marble combine its elegance whit a vivid and playful impression created by the marbles varyring base color along whit the unique veins, following the principle of “no snowflake looks the same”.


You are the designer! You can choose to keep the vase empty to create a minimalist look. but if you fill it whit colorful flowers it creates immediately different impression.



Mini: 7 x 12,5 cm

Small: 11 x 15 cm

Tall: 8,5 x 22,5 cm

Large: 14 x 20 cm


Item no.:

Mini White – 0156

Mini Black – 0157

Mini Green – 0155

Small White – 0104

Small Black – 0105

Small Green – 0190

Tall White – 0106

Tall Black – 0107

Tall Green – 0191

Large White – 0108

Large Black – 0109

Large Green – 0192